About Bernie

Hello, my name is Bernie McGovern. I am a puppet designer, illustrator, and comics artist living in Chicago. My recent work includes the autobiographical comic book DemonTears. Visit the Press for Bernie page to read some reviews and interviews! I have been writing, drawing, and self-publishing an epic, lengthy comic book called An Army of Lovers will be Beaten for six years! Want to read it? Visit the Storefront! Book 7 is in the making this Fall. My puppet designs have appeared in plays by Actors Theatre of Louisville, The Neo-Futurists of Chicago, The Hypocrites, Dog & Pony, Sanculottes, and Drinking & Writing Theater. Want to follow my explorations through the creative process? Read DemonDust! It’s my almost-accurate, autobiographic, monthly mini-comic ‘zine. You can subscribe by visiting my storefront, email me for back-issues, or you can track them down through Quimby’s book store in Chicago. I am also an artist-in-residence with the not-for-profit, Snow City Arts Foundation. We bring arts-education to hospitalized children while they are missing school. Current student projects include cartooning, CGI design, and animation.

Rockwellfarmer has been my underground dwelling since 2005. It is where life is gloomy yet radiant:

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