Tips for Choosing a Professional Custom Cabinet Maker

white kitchen cabinets

Creating the right cabinets in your home can be a tough task. From designing to changing the dimensions to ensure they fit, it is likely to take a lot of time. Your cabinets ought to be sturdy and strong. This is necessary to ensure they blend well. Designing the cabinet is quite easy. However, looking for a reliable cabinet maker who can do the work is quite hard. Thus, without further ado, there are several things to look for in custom cabinet maker. The following are some of the things to consider.


custom cabinetsThe truth is that you cannot allow a carpenter without adequate experience in making cabinets to do the work. You need a person who has an adequate experience in this work. You should find a professional who is willing to do the work. You should find a flexible person who has emergency plans as anything can happen. When you get one with experience in making custom cabinets it means you have nothing to worry about.


Many custom makers do this for money. However, there are some who consider money as the second priority. It is a good idea to find a craftsman who has a passion for his work. This is always a welcome quality.

Past Projects

A reputable cabinet maker should be ready to show you some of his or her past projects. Check whether he or she is enthusiastic about showing you the work. This will give you an idea of how your dream cabinet will look like. A Craftsman who is insecure can make a lot of mistakes. As you know, we all make mistakes and they can happen at any time. However, admitting you made mistakes deserves respect.

Great Reputation

kitchen luxury cabinetsNo one will become angry when you ask about his or her past work. Usually, people are ready to give comments on whether they are happy with their work or not. By knowing this, you can understand and weigh things in. Remember that you cannot please every person. Thus, having a look at their past works and creations can give you an understanding of what your cabinet maker can do.

Transparent Pricing

Before you begin a project, you need to talk about the pricing. You need to ensure transparent pricing is well-practiced. A reliable custom cabinet maker must have an open pricing structure. In this way, you can review the price and make a sound decision.

Do-it-yourself Furniture Maintenance Ideas


Furniture is the vital organs of a house. Besides the utility, furniture also has their aesthetic purpose. Keeping a sofa with a torn cushion will give a bad impression to the guests, no matter how it is still comfortable. A bed frame with a broken leg is a total turn off when you invite a girl to your house. There is more to furniture than its usefulness.

And that is why maintenance for furniture is necessary. Here we are going to learn maintenance ideas that you can easily do them by yourself, with budget and simplicity.

Metal furniture

metal furnitureMetal furniture, such as metal bed frame, chairs, stools, table, and desk, is the most durable to withstand dent and bend. Some are coated with an anti-dust coating, which sustains the flawless metallic look, while the others might need regular cleaning.

The first thing that you must pay attention is the care instruction for your furniture. For example, aluminum frames cannot stand abrasive cleaners, like scrubbing pads or sandpaper. Aluminum furniture has a coating that can get damaged by harsh cleansers.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum furniture has been on the rise because it offers lightweight and durability. However, aluminum discolors over time. But you can treat the discoloration with a mixture of mild soap, warm water, and vinegar or lemon water.

Cast aluminum furniture usually is for outdoor. And if the furniture piece has been long neglected, the weather might cause more than just discoloration. A pitted surface is the other damage that needs immediate attention. Too much of the pits and the furniture cannot be restored. Even if you try it by using commercial aluminum cleansers, it will look far from new.

Wood furniture

Wood furniture can bring the vintage atmosphere to the house. For outdoor, it can enhance the natural look. But wood furniture is known for its vulnerability.

woodTermites, mold, and moss are all the results of long-time negligence.
And once they infest a wood desk, for example, the damage will not be restorable.

The key for wood furniture maintenance is damage prevention.  They handle varieties of pest infestation and offer multi-family services, which can be profitable if you and your neighbors want to get a pest inspection.

If you want to bring back the polished look from your wood furniture, you can try applying tea water. Boil two tea bags until the water turns red. Let it cool, and soak your cleaning cloth in the tea. Wipe your dull wood furniture and see its shining again.

Plastic furniture

plastic chairPlastic furniture is the most affordable among all others, but only the pricey ones are durable enough to withstand outdoor weather. Plastic furniture can degrade if exposed to heat and moisture. Therefore, it is mostly for indoor furniture only.

plastic deskThe maintenance for this type is quite easy. Once the furniture gets dusty, you can clean it with a damp cloth soaked in cleaning soap.

Abrasive cleaners should be avoided because the plastic surface can easily peel off and have scratch marks.