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Tips on Exterior Home Remodeling

exterior home remodeling

The exterior appearance of a home is very important since it raises its value as a real estate. Even if it is your home, you will want to live in a house that appears beautiful both inside and from the outside. For a property on sale or lease, that first impression can determine if the home will sell fast. A good exterior gives potential tenants and home buyers an idea of what is in the inside.

That is why focusing on exterior aesthetics for any property is important. If you have a property that has not sold for a while, you might need to try some exterior remodeling to attract buyers. To ensure that the restoration is done right, you need an experienced design-build firm like Dana King.

In this article, we cover the tips to use in exterior remodeling for a good first impression.

Have a Plan

You need to know what you need to achieve at the end of a project before starting one. You can browse through some of the available exterior design styles to get an idea of what you want and the necessary items needed to achieve the style.
It is crucial not to let a few technical details put you off. You can speak with your design-build firm to explain the details to you. Once you have a full grasp of the details, you can come up with the steps that you will follow to complete the specific design style.

Set a Budget

set a budgetA budget is a very important factor when it comes to home remodeling. Fortunately, several remodeling styles have different budgets, so you can choose the one you are comfortable with. The important thing is you have to stick to your budget once you have settled on one. For every design style, you can calculate the approximate costs by adding up the materials and labor costs-factor in other expenses like permits and tools to come up with a much realistic figure.

Take Your Time

Time taken in remodeling the exterior of a home will be dependent on the design style you choose. Some methods can take several weeks, while others can be completed in a few days. Make sure that whatever technique you want is completed by the set timeline as opposed to being rushed. Remember, you are trying to remodel the exterior to look better. Rushing the project can even end up creating more issues that were no there before.

Hire a Designer

hire a designerIf you do not hire a qualified and experienced designer, you can incur money on a remodel project, and things remain as they were before or even got worse. It would be best if you had a designer who will improve the home. The designer will also help you develop a plan as they understand all the costs involved in every design style.

Four Benefits of Repainting Your Home’s Exterior

newly painted house

There are numerous improvements that you can make to your home, but repainting its exterior is something that can make a huge difference without you spending a lot of money. As long as you hire a professional painter, you can rest assured that the outcome will exceed your expectations. Plus, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

Improved Curb Appeal

It’s your home’s exterior that passerby, as well as guests and prospect buyers, will first see aside from your yard. And, of course, you want your dwelling place looking good all the time. With this, a fresh coat of paint will significantly improve the curb appeal of your house.

Whether you are unhappy with the current color of your residence or you just want to get rid of the blemishes, repainting will prove to be the best solution. You can choose any shade that suits your taste and lifestyle.

exterior painting

Increased Value

Without a doubt, your home’s market value will be increased once you have its exterior professionally repainted. You can expect an additional profit, particularly if you have plans on selling your property soon. Plus, with the charm that comes with a fresh coat of paint, it will be so much easier for you to attract buyers.

Added Protection

Did you know that repainting the exterior of your house can also protect it from several damages? Some brands of paints are specially formulated to defend your exterior walls against the damaging heat of the sun. If your home is made up of wood, it will also be sealed off from termites and other pests that can cause expensive damages.

Furthermore, this type of home improvement can help avoid the accumulation of moisture. And since the paint makes the materials stronger and more durable, you will be able to improve the indoor air quality as well. This allows you to reduce your energy consumption. With that said, you must carefully check the paint that you will utilize. You should choose the best brand that offers the highest level of protection.

white house with gray roof

Extended Lifespan

Repainting the exterior walls of your house and the sidings are a great way to extend their lifespan too. They may last up to 50 years or even longer than that, depending on the materials. This means that you won’t have to replace them for a long time. You will then get to save some money. And most of all, you can enjoy a beautiful home for many years.

Why You Need Waterproofing Services

basement wall

Water damage is a concern to most homeowners. It not only ruins the structural integrity of your home but also subjects your family to some risk. It is imperative to invest in waterproofing services to make your home safer. As much as some might attempt to do it on their own, working with a licensed waterproofing contractor is highly recommended. Read on and understand better why you need to enlist the services of a basement waterproofing contractor.


contractor at work

One of the main reasons to invest in waterproofing services is to enhance the overall well-being of your family members. High humidity levels in a home create an environment for mold and allergens to thrive. These allergens cause all manner of health issues, especially to young children. Waterproofing your home helps you limit and stop the build-up of these allergens. And this can help you reduce the chances of having your kids suffer from allergic reactions.

Protect Your Valuables

Most people use their basement as a storage unit. They often store things like old furniture, antique photos, clothes, car spare parts, and workout equipment there. Waterproofing services are a must for you to keep the integrity of these priced possessions intact. A waterproofed basement can be of great help especially in the event of a flood. Thus, you do not have to wait until disaster strikes, have your basement waterproofed at all times.

Energy Savings

High humidity levels at home come with a cost. One obvious cost is the money paid on electricity bills. It costs a lot more to cool humid air. Thus, investing in waterproofing services goes a long way in reducing the humidity levels at your home, which consequently reduce your energy bills. This can lead to more significant savings in the future.

Preserves the Structural Integrity of Your Home

basement stairs

Water that gets into your basement poses a huge threat to the foundation and structure. Thus, if you need to keep the structure strong and safe, it is imperative to invest in waterproofing services. The benefits accrued to this investment are not short term; they will undoubtedly be evident for years to come. Another significant advantage that comes with waterproofing is the fact that it increases the value of your property.

The benefits of investing in basement waterproofing services are now evident. It is advisable to work with professionals for you to realize maximum gains. Click here if you are planning to schedule a consultation any time soon.