What to Check When Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Undoubtedly, house cleaning is one of the most tedious home chores. Even if we have vacuum cleaners to help us out, it is still a tiring and time-consuming task.

What must have first come to your mind when you heard that there are robot vacuum cleaners is that you will be free from lifting a finger to dust your floor. You might be correct at some points but not entirely. So don’t donate your tried and tested traditional vacuum yet. Robot vacuums are here to maintain a clean floor after a weekly cleaning using your old vac. That is still a good bargain for sure for a busy person like you.

Having a robot vacuum cleaner has many benefits, even if it has limitations. If you have a toddler at home, the possibility of your floor getting all kinds of particles from food items, torn papers, and dust from footwear can be the usual scenario when you come from work. Being tired from work, you may just want to lie down. With a robot vacuum cleaner, all those clutters can be wiped out in a matter of minutes, without having you to lift a finger.

It is really of great help if you have a robot vacuum cleaner. Honestly, it can make our home Life on AI more relaxing and less stressful. But before buying one, you should inspect the following features. They define an excellent robot vacuum cleaner.


Without a quality sensor quality, a vacuum cleaner will surely be falling from edges and keep on bumping on walls and fixtures. This means that you may have to change it after a while because it must have been damaged already.

Remote Control

It helps to check the remote control of a robot vacuum cleaner if you do not want to be standing up from where you are. It should be able to control your robot vacuum cleaner from afar. Some also can be controlled via an app on your smartphone.


It helps to know the charging time of a robot vacuum cleaner and how long the battery will last. This will allow you to be time conscious if you are doing other things or rushing to go out. Some brands have a docking station where the device docks before its battery becomes empty.


You can select a model that is suitable for your floor. There are many types of brushes, and they determine how well your floor will be cleaned.

Dust Canister

Robot vacuum cleaners have a smaller dust capacity than a standard vacuum cleaner. Going for the model with a greater dust capacity will leave you more time in what you are doing instead of checking the dust canister if it is already full.

The price will surely be an important factor when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. But always remember, the most expensive robot vacuum cleaner will never be as efficient as the cheapest standard vacuum cleaner.

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